Noblesse Treasure of the Nile 1996
Noblesse Treasure of the Nile

At the sound of the Captain's whistle, the Krewe de la Noblesse pursued the magnificence of ancient Egypt and its treasures at its 11th annual ball. "Noblesse Treasure of the Nile" was held Saturday, Jan. 27, 1996 in the Lake Charles Civic Center Coliseum, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Making their final appearance were the 1995 Royal Court of Noblesse Carnival, King Gabriel Noblesse X, Troy Portie and Queen Ashley Noblesse X, Carrol Portie and court Members, Keith Jagneaux and Betty Geer, Bob Green and Margaret Ellis, Wordy and Deanne Duhon, Richard and Theresa Michels.

Captain Joey Angers Captain Joey Angers
After the lighting of the Krewe crest,
Captain Joey Angers made his inaugural appearance representing "Ra the Sun God." His entrance featured a gold throne capped with a replication of the Sphinx. Five Golden-Bodied Bearers, Matt Allard, Brig Taylor, Todd Eastin, Jason Hubbard and Josh Ophus, members of the McNeese State University Baseball Team, pulled the throne to its stage floor position.

Captain Joey Angers, a graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana, and his wife, Julie, have three children. The Captain, an employee of McJunkin Corporation, is a member of Chamber/Southwest Louisiana and the Louisiana Industrial Chemical Alliance.

Board of Directors Board of Directors
Board of directors presented were
Joy Fruge, president, escorted by her son Gerald Jr. and her husband, Gerald Sr.; Amy Grimes, first vice-president, escorted by her husband, R. J.; Richard Holmes, second vice-president, escorted by his wife, Maryann; Bonnie Lee, secretary, escorted by her husband, Walter; Wanda Godwin, treasurer, escorted by her husband, Ed; and Tommy Thompson, krewe representative, escorted by his wife, Agnes.

King Mike Giles King Michael D. Giles
King Gabriel Noblesse XI,
Michael D. Giles, representing "Ramses the Greatest," entered on a sedan chair carried by five Golden-Bodied Bearers.

His Magesty's cape and mantle of white tapestry brocade and deep purple velvet featured the gold, red and laser sequinned appliques of the falcon wings and lotus flowers.

The King, a graduate of McNeese State University and McLennan (Texas) College, is a chemical engineer and a certified scuba instructor who owns and operates Louisiana Diving Services.

Queen Margaret Ellis Queen Margaret Ellis
Queen Ashley Noblesse XI,
Margaret Ellis, representing "Queen Nefertari," entered on a sedan chair carried by five Golden-Bodied Bearers.

Her Magesty's cape featured purple velvet and white satin brocade festooned with white fur trim. Her fitted white on white brocade gown featured purple panel inserts lavished with accents of Italian rhinestones and irridescent sequins and a train of silver accordion pleats embellished with silver sequins. Her tiara of Austrian stones featured tiered scrollwork with silver garnish.

Her Highness, a McNeese State University graduate, is an employee of PPG Industries and owner of Travel Merchants Travel Agency. Her Highness has three children and six grandchildren.

Duke Bill Simons
Duchess Levonne Simons Duke Bill and Duchess Levonne Simons
The mystical chant of the Egyptian snake charmer was represented by
Duke Bill Simons and Duchess Levonne Simons. Their matching costumes of royal turquoise were accented with silver and gold sequinned trim.

The Duke, a CITGO employee, and Duchess, a retired educator, have five children and five grandchildren.

Duke Calvin Fleniken
Duchess Madelin Fleniken Duke Calvin and Duchess Madelin Fleniken
The lifeblood of Egypt, the Nile River, was represented by
Duke Calvin Fleniken and Duchess Madelin Fleniken. They were attired in royal costumes of blue-green satin festooned with jewels, gold and silver appliques.

The Duke, an employee of Petrocon Engineering assigned to Olin Corp., is the president-elect of Mardi Gras of Imperial Calcasieu.

The Duchess, an employee of Lake Area Foot Care Center, is a member of Kiwanis of Southwest Contraband, Club Hispano, and Ladies of LaSalette Altar Society. They have six children and eight grandchildren.

Duke David Thompson
Duchess Pamela Thompson Duke David and  Duchess Pamela Thompson
Duke David Thompson and Duchess Pamela Thompson represented the Temples of Masai and the great warriors of Egypt. Their coordinating costumes of black and red were festooned with gold and silver sequined trim.

The Duke, an employee of the Lake Charles Stevedores and a graduate of McNeese State University, is a member of the Propeller Club of Lake Charles and commissioner of the Lake Charles Pilot Association.

The Duchess, an employee of the Insurance Center Inc., belongs to the Business and Professional Women's Club and the Quota Club. She is a graduate of Mississippi Delta Junior College.

Duke John Peter Scott
Duchess Dr. Sandra Leder Duke John Peter Scott and Duchess Dr. Sandra Leder
Costumed as Horus, the falcon-headed god of the sky, and his sister, Hathor, the Lotus flower goddess of motherhood were
Duke John Peter Scott and Duchess Dr. Sandra Leder. The royal costumes featured deep purple velvet trimmed in gold and silver festooned sequins.

The Duke, a retired physical therapist and consultant for Robinswood Residential School, is a member of American Legion Post 1 and the father of three daughters.

The Duchess, a science and aerospace teacher for Episcopal Day School, is president of the Lake Charless Ninety Nines and serves on the Lake Charles Regional Airport Authority.

Noblesse Treasure of the Nile

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