Noblesse Journeys to the Far East

At the sound of the Captain’s Whistle on Saturday, February 12, 2000, the Journey began as Noblesse traveled to the Far East. Krewe de la Noblesse held its 15th annual Ball at the Civic Center Coliseum.

Guests entered the coliseum by crossing over a bridge and through an Oriental garden where they were treated to a visual tour of the Great Wall of China and a colorful extravaganza of oriental masks, dragons, umbrellas and lanterns.

The Louisiana National Guard posted the National and State colors to the “Star Spangled Banner”.

Board of Directors Board of Directors
Members of the 2000 Board of Directors were presented: Captain
Keith Jagneaux, President Mary Ann Holmes, first vice-president Joe Rabalais, second vice-president Jerry Hillyard, Secretary Barbara Chiasson, Treasurer Carmel Fazzio, and Krewe Representative Polly Richards.

Making their final appearances were 1999 royal court of "Noblesse - Evening at the Oscars", King Gabriel XIV Kenny Norwood and Queen Ashley Noblesse XIV Valerie Norwood, and Dukes and Duchesses Dave Meacham and Dottie Bowes; Jerry Hillyard and Kay Vaughan; Kenny Nichols and Carrie Nichols; Don Verret and Betty Verret.

Emilee Laine BroussardMelody Theresa KirkpatrickRachel Sharon NelsonRia Claire LaseterMelissa YoungJessie Elizabeth Ritter

Debutantes presented were Emilee Laine Broussard daughter of Gerald and Vickie Smith, Melody Theresa Kirkpatrick and Rachel Sharon Nelson Granddaughters of I.J. and Syble Deshotel, Ria Claire Laseter Niece of Robert and Cris Belaire. Melissa Young Granddaughter of Shirley Roy, and Jessie Elizabeth Ritter Granddaughter of Richard and Mary Ann Holmes.


Captain Keith Jagneaux Captain Keith Jagneaux
After the lighting of the Krewe Crest, through a haze of swirling ash and the sounds of an erupting volcano, Captain
Keith Jagneaux made his spectacular entrance as Marco Polo and here began Noblesse’s Journey to the City of Beijing and the Court of the Great Kublai Khan.

The Captains costume is of black and red satin trimmed in gold and silver sequins and magnificient stones. His cape of red velvet is trimmed in gold and silver sequines and his collar of black velvet is adorned with large white plumes. His headpiece of Italian design, garnished with pearls and gems completed his attire.

King Joey and Queen Julie Angers King Joey Angers and Queen Julie Angers
Making his entrance as the Great Kubla Khan was King Gabriel Noblesse XV,
Joey Angers and his Queen Ashley Noblesse XV, Julie Angers.

His Majesty wore an imperial floor length robe of oriental design bordered in gold lame’ overlaid with white iridescent and silver sequins, heavily encrusted with rhinestones. His large collar of white velvet and gold and silver sequins bordered a scroll design. The entire collar is backed with fantasia plumes. His mantel consists of a white velvet center panel flanked by panels of gold lane’ bordered in silver sequins. The gold panels are bordered in white fur. The mantel feature stylized designs in gold and silver sequins.

Her Majesty wore a dress of white shantung, gold lame’ in an empire style with full draped sleeves bordered in gold lame’ with silver sequin design of oriental scroll design. Her oriental design stylized tunic skirt was bordered in gold lame’ and overlaid with white iridescent and silver sequins, heavily encrusted with rhinestones. The Queens costume in an imperial floor length robe in matching design to that of the King and matching collar & mantel to that of the King completes her Royal attire.

His Imperial Highness is a 1971 graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana and is a Regional Manager for McJunkin Corp. where he’s been employed for 26 years. This King is a past Captain of Krewe de la Noblesse. Her Royal Highness is presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Vocational Educational from LSU and holds a BS and M.Ed. from McNeese State Univerity. The Queen is presently employed by Lousiana Public Broadcasting as an Educational Technology Specialist and also does technology consulting. The King and Queen were 1992 Duke and Duchess of Noblesse Tours Broadway. The King and Queen have 3 children: Joey, a Senior at MSU, Nicole, a Junior at LSU , and Thomas, a 5th Grade Honor Student at Christian Life Academy. The King and Queen presently reside in Baton Rouge.

Duke Art Gellner
Duchess Dot Gellner Duke Art and Duchess Dot Gellner
Bearing treasurers of Oil were the Duke and Duchess of Italy,
Art Gellner and Dot Gellner.

Their matching costumes of canary yellow and orange satin is accented with gold and silver appliqués of Italian design. The Duchess's headpiece featured an Italian lace veil and large canary yellow plumes.

The Duke is Vice President - Polymer Operations Certainteed and his Duchess is a Homemaker. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Duke Dr. Bobby Caraway
Duchess Toni Caraway Duke Dr. Bobby and Duchess Toni Caraway
Bearing treasures of Jewels were the Duke and Duchess of India,
Dr. B.L. “Bobby” Caraway and Sonya “Toni” Duplantis Caraway.

Their matching costumes of Royal Blue and Pink satin were accented with gold sequined appliqués and trimmed in rhinestones. Their matching headpeices were of an Indian styled turban complemented with powder blue plumes.

The Duke is a Veterinarian for the State Racing Commission at Delta Downs and his Duchess is the Executive Director of The Calcasieu Counseling on Aging.

Duke Eddie Conner
Duchess Sue Soileau Duke Eddie Conner and Duchess Sue Soileau
Bearing gifts of Grain were the Duke and Duchess of Russia,
Eddie J. Conner and Catherine Sue Garvey Soileau.

Their matching costumes were of royal purple and red satin is accented with silver and gold appliqués and bordered in ermine fur. The Duke’s headpiece is of a Russian Military design adorned with white plumes. His duchess’s costume featured Russian draped sleeves lined in white satin.

Eddie is a Commercial Realtor for Flavin Realty and his Duchess is also a Realtor.

Duke Beau Betbeze
Duchess Rita Adkins Duke Beau Betbeze and Duchess Rita Adkins
Bearing gifts of Furs were the Duke and Duchess of Africa,
Beau Betbeze and Rita Fruge’Adkins.

Their matching costumes were of emerald green and lime green satin accented with gold, silver and leopard appliqué’s of African design. Their headpieces are an African design adorned in emerald green plumes and peacock feathers.

The Duke is a Sales Representative with Dunham Price and his Duchess is a retired travel agent enjoying her four sons, two stepchildren and twelve Grandchildren.

Royal entertainment was provided by the Chinese Culture Center in Houston, Texas, Jim Bor-Jian Liang, Director with the assistance of Ken and Ping Cohen of Asian Access Corporation . A traditional Chinese dragon dance was performed by the Houston Chinese Golden Dragon Team under the direction of Rita Wen-Mei Lee. A traditional Ribbon Dance was performed by Li-Mei Hua Chinese Dance Academy under the direction of Ms. Li-Mei Hua.

Master of Ceremonies was Dale Mann. The Pageant was written by Bonnie Lee and directed by John Richards.

Noblesse Journeys to the Far East

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