Noblesse Musical Memories

Noblesse Musical Memories

At the sound of the Captain’s Whistle on Saturday, February 3, 2001, Krewe de la Noblesse held its 16th annual Ball at the Lake Charles Civic Center Coliseum.


Board of Directors Board of Directors

Members of the 2001 Board of Directors

first vice-president Johnny Duhon

Treasurer Carmel Fazzio

Krewe Representative Polly Richards

Secretary Denise Savant

President Jerry Hillyard

 second vice-president Romeo Vera

Captain Keith Jagneaux




Making their final appearances were 2000 royal court of "Noblesse Journeys to the Far East",

King Gabriel XV Joey Angers and Queen Ashley Noblesse XV Julie Angers

Duke and Duchesse Art Gellner and Dot Gellner

Duke and Duchesse Dr. Bobby Caraway and Toni Caraway

Duke and Duchesse Eddie Conner and Sue Soileau

 Duke and Duchesse Beau Betbeze and Rita Adkins


Anna Clare EasonCodi Page BrunsJeralyn Renee' Hudson

Chelsa Lea TurpinChristy Michelle WinchKari Leigh Viator

Debutantes presented were Anna Clare Eason granddaughter of Carolyn Eason, Codi Page Bruns daughter of Richard and Kitty Bruns, Jeralyn Renee' Hudson granddaughter of Dr. John and Brenda Masse', Chelsha Lea Turpin daughter of Rick and Lenny Cox, Christy Michelle Winch daughter of Judy Courvelle, and Kari Leigh Viator granddaughter of Teen Sigur.



Captain Keith Jagneaux


King Jack and Queen Barbara Chiasson King Jack Chiasson and Queen Barbara Chiasson

Representing the era of Classical Music

King Gabriel Noblesse XVI, Jack Chiasson and Queen Ashley Noblesse XVI, Barbara Harless Chiasson

Jack was escorted by his daughter Melissa McGee.  Attending pages to the King were his grandchildren, Shalay Chiasson and Megan McGee.

Barbara was escorted by her son, Scott Broussard.  Attending page to her highness was her grandson, Blane Simon.

The Royal Couple resides in Lake Charles.  The King has three children, Randy Chiasson, Melissa McGee, and Lance Chiasson.  He is employed as an electrician by Chiasson Electric Inc. and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Chiasson.  The Queen has three children, Carolyn Dever, Scott Broussard and Erin Broussard.  She is the manager of the family business, Harless Limestone, and is the daughter of Jerry Harless.


Duke Mark Fontenot
Duchess Laurie Fontenot Duke Mark and Duchess Laurie Fontenot



The Duke and Duchess of Big Band,

Mark and Laurie Fontenot

The Duke and Duchess are residents of Lake Charles and have four children.  The Duke is employed at Atterbery Truck Sales and the Duchess is a housewife.



Duke Robert Belaire
Duchess Cris Belaire Duke Robert and Duchess Cris Belaire



The Duke and Duchess of Jazz

Robert and Cris Belaire

The Duke and Duchess are residents of lake Charles, have three children, and are members of St. Margaret Catholic Church.  The Duke is employed by Island Operating in Lafayette and the Duchess is employed by the McNeese Credit Union.


Duke Mike Regan
Duchess Myra Regan Duke Mike and Duchess Myra Regan

The Duke and Duchess of Pop Music

Mike and Myra Regan

The Duke and Duchess are residents of Lake Charles and have four children and two grandchildren.  The Duke is the owner of Crane Ceaux of Lake Charles and the Duchess is the owner of MDM Scientific and Chemical.



Duke David Dever
Duchess Carolyn Dever Duke David and Duchess Carolyn Dever


The Duke and Duchess of Country Music

David and Carolyn Dever

The Duchess is the daughter of the King and Queen.  She and the Duke are residents of Lake Charles and have four children.

The Duke is and electrician presently employed by Sulphur Electric and the Duchess is a fourth-grade teacher at St. John Elementary School.

Noblesse Musical Memories

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