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Like much of  the Golf Coast, Lake Charles was severely impacted by Hurricane Rita. The storm center passed almost directly thru the city.

As a result, many Krewe members were effected, some so severely that they lost their homes and belongings.

Our costumer, of some twenty years, lost everything. The roof of Civic Center Coliseum, where we traditionally hold our annual Royal Ball, was heavily damaged and the Center itself sustained water damage and was unusable.

Without costumes and a Ball location, 2006 looked bleak.

Even though some of the 2005 court had lost their costumes in the storm, they graciously agreed to continue to represent the Krewe, and Royalty from previous years were pressed in to service where necessary.

With a never say die attitude, a second  location (although much smaller) was found and the Ball was changed to a black tie, members only function and conducted without costumes or new Royalty.

Since the storm, the Krewe, like the lake Charles Community, is rebuilding and living up to its motto to "Be The Best".

Many thanks to the Krewe members, who unselfishly have and continue to rebuild, not only the Krewe, but the City.